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“I left with a recognition that there is something greater we can experience and achieve as we move through life. ”

Luke D.

Financial Advisor

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Retreats and Immersions

The Retreats and Immersions are carefully designed to provide you with a profound and rejuvenating experience. They offer the perfect opportunity to break away from the demands of daily life, reconnect with your inner self, and gain new perspectives and empowerment.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, inner peace, or a deeper connection with self, the retreats are crafted to help you achieve your goals. Join us in stunning and serene locations where you’ll engage in transformative practices, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore the boundless potential within you.

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What You’ll Gain During the Weekend

Transformational Self-Discovery

Dive deep into self-exploration fostering personal growth and empowerment.

Clarity and Awareness

Shift from reaction to action gaining clarity in navigating approach life's challenges.

Timeless Insights

Unlock ageless teachings from Mount Sinai, now accessible to all for personal growth.


Three-day Retreats and Immersiones with Moses are experiences designed to help you make deep transformations and significant awarenesses. Retreats typically take place in a facility with full accommodation for the entire duration, while Immersions, spanning from morning to late evening over three days, include only lunches. Immersions do not include overnight accommodation.
We aim to organize Retreats and Immersions regularly, at least once per quarter. Certainly, you are welcome to participate as many times as you wish.
Retreats and Immersions typically last for three days. This extended period offers a valuable opportunity to reflect deeply on your identity and life’s purpose, resolve challenges, transcend dreams, relax, and forge stronger connections with yourself, loved ones, and others. Moses guides you in developing heightened awareness and a powerful presence, paving the way for an enriched quality of life, relationships, and decision-making.
While there are no strict prerequisites, we recommend that participants aim to be free from everyday worries and minimize the use of gadgets during the event for a more immersive experience.
For a Retreat, we recommend bringing your daily necessities as you’ll be away for three days. You don’t need anything specific; we have everything else to ensure your comfort.
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